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Protective WA Innovator of the Year

Jason Jordan

December 2022

Protective has another win with our NeutralSafe device keeping homes safe from potentially fatal shocks from incoming neutral faults!

Once again, Protective has been recognised for our engineered solutions, this time taking out the coveted Rio Tinto Emerging Innovation Award for Innovator of the Year, Western Australia!

Protective’s NeutralSafe protection device is being launched to protect homeowners, businesses, and industry from potentially fatal shocks from incoming neutral faults, like the shocks some people get from the tap in their shower when a damaged neutral wire exists.

NeutralSafe uses patented technology to actively monitor neutral wires providing the ability to detect a potential issue prior to breakage. This ability minimises the severe risks associated with a damaged neutral wire. These accidents cause numerous fatalities and serious injuries every year, and no safety device (including safety switches) currently protect against this risk. Our vision for NeutralSafe is to have the product installed in every home and business across Australia, minimising serious electric shock incidents resulting from damaged neutral wires.

To find out more about NeutralSafe, contact us today at

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