Proximity Detection & Control

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Aerial High Voltage Protection System

Proximity detection & control for elevated work platforms


There's no such thing as being 'Half-Crushed'!  Using ground-breaking military-grade sensor technology for proximity detection and control, our patented SafeGuard system engages the worker protection function to identify potential hazards before an elevated work platform (EWP) incident occurs.  SafeGuard provides excellent secondary guarding protection in industrial proximity control!

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Product Benefits

  • SafeGuard does not require physical contact

  • State of the art sensor technology rather than physical contact protection

  • Save on accident damage & investigations

  • GUSGuard engineered interlock control

  • Mitigation of crush & electrocution risks with GUSGuard Pro

  • Improves safety when used in addition to a spotter

  • Simple installation requires minimal downtime for retrofitting

  • Configurable to workplace needs

  • Reduce risk profile

  • Improve overall efficiency

Product Features

3-Axis Detection

High Voltage Protection Option with GUSGuard Pro

Optional Interlock System with GUSGuard

Retrofittable to most EWP's without modification

Global safety certificates

Protective Integration

Combining the object proximity sensing of SafeGuard, the optional interlock of GUSGuard and the optional HV power proximity sensing capability of GUSGuard Pro, we have created a powerful range of solutions for safety management on elevated work platforms.  The table below shows a high-level comparison table for SafeGuard, GusGuard & GusGuard Pro

Disclaimer :

Electrical incidents may result in injury or death. Use of multiple systems reduces risk of incident and Protective products should be used as operator aids and backup systems only. Our products are not a substitute for suitable experience, training, safe work procedures and due care.   

The information contained on this website is of a general nature only.  It should not be relied upon to assess risk so you must separately assess and verify risks before use. 

Protective product capabilities and operation are dependent on correct system selection, firmware, setup, and installation and maintenance by appropriately qualified and authorised personnel.   

For further information on whether the system is right for you please contact our sales staff and for further details on the product capabilities see the Product Manual.