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GoUpSafely V2 Released

Jason Jordan

April 2021

Protective proudly releases GoUpSafely V2! Improved design and detection (AC & DC) capability combine to create an industry leading HV Sensing System!

Protective is proud to release GoUpSafely V2 to the industry!

System Design:

* Building on our patented HV sensing technology, GUS V2 has greatly improved AC detection by allowing the entire sensor solar panel to become the antenna!

* GUS V2 now offers the flexibility to detect DC fields with our optional DC Detection modules. This greatly increases the applications for GUS and we are very proud of this offering!

* CAN connection now available on the Base Control Unit which supports J1939. The addition of the CAN bus interface allows for robust, seamless OEM integration of the GUS system to most modern machines!

Environmental improvements:

* Mil-Spec componentry allows our sensors to operate reliably from -30c to +85c.

* The updated UV resistant IP67 custom enclosure greatly improves durability from environmental and physical damage.

* Custom NiMh cells provide greater flexibility for both environmental temperature conditions as well as helping to alleviate global shipping restrictions.

Contact us now to find out how we can work together to save lives!

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