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Protective Engineered Soltuons GoUpSafely

Aerial High Voltage Protection System


Protective's GoUpSafely system represents a revolution in aerial machine safety. Proven throughout the world, GoUpSafely is the only system in the world able to prevent machines from being able to contact power lines, whilst allowing the machine to move safely away after detection. Our cutting-edge sensing technology ensures that every detection is a real power line, eliminating nuisance alarms and ensuring operator confidence.

Product Benefits

  • Free from interference from radio and other devices

  • Custom military-grade wireless communications

  • Reduce risk and improve workflow efficiency

  • Improved reliability in machine safety

  • Engineered control – Improved safety with a spotter

GUS Sensor.png

Product Features

Detect live overhead powerlines

Reduce risk of electric shock

Avoid costly and time- consuming damage

Alarm and motion stop options


Stop motion towards overhead powerlines

Allow motion away from overhead powerlines

Retrofit to most machine types

Monitor control motions


At what distance does GUS detect?

GUS detection distances are dynamic in the sense they are dependent on the HV source voltage.  The stronger the electrical field, the longer the detection distance. 

Are detection distances configurable?

Yes, however, we do the configuration from the factory, so requirements are needed prior to deployment from the factory. We do not recommend changing detection distances, as the default ranges are well-tested in the field.

How are the sensors powered?

The sensors use solar panels to feed a battery in each sensor which last 30+ days on a full charge. The battery is automatically being charged anytime it is in the sunlight.

Is control integration required?

Control integration is completely optional.  Many 'indication only' systems are sold for customers who simply want to be alerted to being in proximity to HV power sources.

What types of machines is GUS applicable to?

GUS can be applied to cranes, excavators, tipper trucks, fire trucks, concrete pumps, bore drills, and many other machine types. Typically, any machine that may come into contact with HV sources can be fitted.. 

Has the system been environmentally tested?

Yes. The system is IP67 rated and has been tested in environmental labs in multiple countries to operating temperatures ranging from -30 to +85 celcius, including dust and impact testing.

How are the GUS sensors affixed to the machine?

Sensors can be mounted with bonded or welded studs, metal brackets, or rare-earth magnets.  The sensors are mounted on custom engineered rubber sensor 'legs' that have flexibility for impact protection.

How do the sensors communicate to the control unit?

The sensors communicate via a proprietary 900mhz ISM band mil-spec protocol and will not cause radio interference.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Electrical incidents may result in injury or death. Use of multiple systems reduces risk of incident and GoUpSafely should be used as an operator aid and backup system only. It is not a substitute for suitable experience, training, safe work procedures and due care. Risks must be separately assessed and verified before use.

GoUpSafely capabilities and operation is dependent on correct system selection, firmware, setup and installation and maintenance by appropriately qualified personnel. For further information on whether the system is right for you please contact our sales staff. For details on the product capabilities see the relevant Product Manual

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Product Specifications

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