Aerial High Voltage Protection System


Use Protective indication alarms and optional motion-stop technology near high voltage electricity sources to keep personnel and machines safe. Retrofit most aerial machines with GoUpSafely's motion-stop option to prevent moving into dangerous overhead powerlines, while allowing the operator to safely move the machine away from the high voltage electricity source.

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Aerial High Voltage Protection System

Proximity detection & control for elevated work platforms

Product Benefits

  • Free from interference from radio and other devices

  • Custom military-grade wireless communications

  • Reduce risk and improve workflow efficiency

  • Improved reliability in machine safety

  • Engineered control – safer than a spotter

Product Features

Detect live overhead powerlines

Reduce risk of electric shock

Avoid costly and time- consuming damage

Alarm and motion stop options

Stop motion towards overhead powerlines

Allow motion away from overhead powerlines

Retrofit to most machine types

Monitor control motions

Disclaimer :

Electrical incidents may result in injury or death. Use of multiple systems reduces risk of incident and Protective products should be used as operator aids and backup systems only. Our products are not a substitute for suitable experience, training, safe work procedures and due care.   

The information contained on this website is of a general nature only.  It should not be relied upon to assess risk so you must separately assess and verify risks before use. 

Protective product capabilities and operation are dependent on correct system selection, firmware, setup, and installation and maintenance by appropriately qualified and authorised personnel.   

For further information on whether the system is right for you please contact our sales staff and for further details on the product capabilities see the Product Manual.