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Who We Are

Protective is an innovative, Australian technology company that designs, engineers, manufactures and supplies industries worldwide with globally patented Protective equipment for electrical hazard identification and accident prevention.


There are no second chances when working with electricity. Our cost-effective products provide an additional line of defence against the risk of personnel and machines coming into contact with overhead powerlines or crush incidents. Protective equipment reduces occupational risk, improves workforce efficiency and increases organisational productivity, while ultimately saving lives, money and reputations.

Put simply, by reducing the human factors at play on-site through smart technology, Protective reduces the risk of incidents. Our patented proximity detection systems with motion-stop options employ a technical solution to prevent aerial machines from moving within a set proximity of objects and/or high voltage power lines in the event of operator error in maintaining separation.

At Protective, we are passionate about saving lives and design innovative solutions to reduce the risk of incidents.

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Why We Do It

Our Mission.

Protective develops and manufactures products to provide engineered safety solutions and prevent these accidents. We are motivated to do this by the devastating impact of electrical and crush accidents. Because everyone deserves to go home safely from work.


Our Mission statement guides our team as we continue to develop world-leading products to improve worker safety: "Applying Next-Generation Technology to improve the lives of the world's workforce"

How We Do It

Our Team

Protective's next generation safety products have been developed using an in-house team of experts.


Our team extends from Commercial, Sales, Finance and Legal to Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Technicians, Quality Management and Logistics.


Using this in-house team of experts, the company is able to rapidly develop, prototype and manufacture products.

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How We Do It

Our Facilities


We operate from fit-for-purpose offices, factory and R&D facilities in Malaga, 15 Minutes from Perth in Western Australia.


Our facilities incorporate State of the Art Manufacturing and Testing capabilities including an in-house High Voltage testing facility to the requirements of ASTM F3283. This ensures every device we manufacture is tested in a real-world environment.


We are supported by Distributors and Installers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth and an international installation and distribution network.

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