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Land Mining

Mining & Resources

Our Engineered Safety Solutions protect workers across the Mining & Resources sector, including construction, installation and maintenance, services and operations personnel and a wide variety of heavy equipment.

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Protecting Workers and Equipment in the Mining & Resources Industry.

The Mining & Resources Sector employs tens of thousands of in-field employees and contractors, who work in this sometimes risky environment to provide the raw materials required for the world. Our technologies protect these personnel, their equipment and the networks on which we all rely by providing a last line of defence against incidents and human factors.

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Protective Products for the Mining & Resources Industry

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Aerial High Voltage Protection System



Proximity detection & control for elevated work platforms

MEWP Shield

Protective's GoUpSafely technology protects aerial machines operating on minesites from contact with overhead power lines. 

Protective's MEWP Shield system can be fitted to both underground baskets, and boom and scissor lift EWP's to protect against crush, shear and entanglement risks.

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