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Scissor lift platform with hydraulic system elevated towards a factory roof with construct

Protective Shield 

Proximity Detection & Control

Protective Shield 

Using ground-breaking mil-spec sensor technology for proximity detection and control, our Protective Shield system engages the worker protection function to identify potential hazards before an elevated work platform (EWP) incident occurs.  Shield provides excellent secondary guarding protection in industrial proximity control!​

Now with owner's access to allow customised setup and data download on Shield.  Whether it's single or multiple sensors required, we have your secondary guarding needs covered!

Product Benefits

  • Shield does not require physical contact

  • Identifies hazards external to the basket rather than body position and/or physical contact protection

  • Save on accident damage & investigations

  • Shield provides engineered interlock control

  • Warning prior to machine stop

  • Override function to allow for moving through tight spaces

  • Improves safety when used in addition to a spotter

  • Simple installation requires minimal downtime for retrofitting

  • Configurable to workplace needs

  • Reduce risk profile

  • Improve overall efficiency

Product Specifications


Product Features

Overhead Object Detection

Graduated alert as hazards approach

Control Interlock System

Retrofittable to most EWP's without modification

Meets Global Safety Standards

Protective Integration

Combining the object proximity sensing and the interlock function, Protective Shield represents a powerful solution for safety management on elevated work platforms.  The simple installation of Shield to the machine only requires about 45 minutes to be fully ready to deploy.  The Protective Shield owner's application (iOS and Android) allows for a range of configurations to ensure our technology meets your needs.

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